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“I play well on this surface. It’s great for a baseliner who uses a variety of shots.” Andre Agassi (Source: “Tennis“ - official web site of Tennis Magazine 22/12/03)
“I like (the surface) Rebound Ace a lot”...“I like how the balls take off, you can get some good spin on it and I definitely enjoy playing on it.” Andy Roddick (Source: New Zealand Herald, 16/01/04)
“This is a pretty fair surface... It’s a truer surface. You don’t see so many specialists, so many guys who are great on one surface but don’t play well on grass or on clay. I think it’s more likely to happen on a surface like this.” Andy Roddick (Source: The Australian, 25/01/04)
“I love competing on the Rebound Ace, a surface that rewards players who use a variety of shots, such as myself.” Andre Agassi (Source: Gamebookers.com 01/01/04)
Juan Carlos Ferrero was asked: On the hard court, compared to clay are you 80% comfortable 90%? “No, 100 per cent”. Are you comfortable as on clay? “Yes”. If you had your choice, would you still prefer to play on clay? “I like to play on hard courts, as well.” (Source: Australian Open website, 28/01/04)
“Nalbandian’s serve is mediocre, but a big gun isn’t essential on Rebound Ace -just ask Agassi.” David Nalbandian (Source: Tennis Magazine’s website, 22/12/03)
“What is it about here that you like so much?...”...I think the Rebound Ace, I like it because it’s not too fast. The ball is getting higher, so I like it.” David Nalbandian (Source: Australian Open Web Site 24/01/04)
“I enjoy playing on a higher bouncing court so Rebound Ace is always going to be one of my favourite surfaces. I’ve had some of my best results both on hard courts and on a higher bouncing surfaces so there’s no reason why I can’t play some good tennis come January.” Alicia Molik (Source: The Today Show, 21/12/04)
“I’ve never had a major injury out there.” Lindsay Davenport (Source: Australian Open website 19/01/04)
“...I think just what you see from the ankle sprains and all that on this surface, it’s just the quick change of directions.” Taylor Dent (Source: Australian Open website 19/01/04)

“I’ve never had a major injury out there.”
Lindsay Davenport
(Source: Australian Open website 19/01/04)
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